For the legendary reliability of a Sanstorm, plus the ability to blast with virtually any type of media,
wet or dry, check out our latest product line:

Dustless Blasting - The Future of Surface Preparation

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Sanstorm machines are built to last, and have been since 1941. Our machines embody the "No-Clog" principle of operation. In the Sanstorm machine, a venturi type abrasive "pick up" operation occurs with control - a "choke valve" is not required or used. Therefore, Sanstorm is the only machine design which will accomplish constant abrasive discharge and positive abrasive adjustment -- the two utmost important conditions of any pressure type blast cleaning equipment.
"I bought my Sandstorm pot in 1977. It has been in constant use for over 30 years. It has been turned over, dropped out of a moving pickup, and run into by a farm tractor. The only maintenance I have performed is to replace the internal media supply pipe, the fill cap gasket, and a few other wear items but, the pot has always worker even at 10 degrees below zero. I worked in Kansas City, Missouri one winter, there were several days when my pot was the only one that worked out of the four other blast pots on the job site."

                                                                        Jim – Superior Coatings
Sanstorm Blasters stand the test of time. The owner of this particular B tank, built in 1945 told us the machine is blasting away...66 years later, and they didn't even need parts ! "There is an extensive amount of space we have cleaned, and countless hours we've put on the machine with very little maintenance, etc. Thanks." -Steve "It's not as hard to make money as to keep it." - Quote from our owner - when asked why we don't have more wear parts. We want our customers to make money AND keep it. "You guys are very supportive of your contractors. I made the right choice in selecting your equipment, Thank you" - Scott "I was on a job site with the Sanstorm blaster and the 'other guys."They took 6 men 10 hours to do with 'their' machine with the Sanstorm blaster and I did in 1 hour. It is so easy, even a dummy could do it." - Zach, a Sanstorm Distributor Sanstorm makes the best quality blaster, simple to use, lasts for years, trouble-free, and so efficient. Make money, and keep more by saving at LEAST 30% in abrasives.

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  • The SANSTORM product line is made in the USA by American Craftsmen dedicated to safety, quality, and product performance. Built in compliance with ASME and National Board Code Requirements. Manufactured under US Patents 2261565 and 2717476. Like Us on FACEBOOK.
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