SANSTORM    Frequently Asked Questions

What pot filling styles are available?

Open and Closed Top Models are available.

What is the advantage of open top?

The open-top is recommended for commercial and continuous production work, because of the filling convenience and use of machine hopper for continuous action operation.

What is the advantage of closed top?

The closed top machines are recommended for maintenance and intermittent work, because the inside of these machines is always closed and protected from rain and trash while standing idle.

What is the non-plug principal?

All Sanstorm machines embody the non-plug principle of operation. A venturi type abrasive pick-up action occurs with control – a choke valve is not required nor used. Sanstorm has the patent on this type of operation, which accomplishes constant abrasive discharge and positive abrasive adjustment – the two utmost important conditions of any pressure type blast cleaning equipment.

What size air compressor do I need?

The size of the air compressor designates the maximum size of the blast nozzle usable at a generally required operating pressure of approximately 100 lbs. This, in turn, suggests the size of the machine for consideration – bearing in mind the practical machine size is one which will provide ½ -1 hour continuous operation without refilling of the pot.

What is a Moisture Trap and do I need one?

Moisture and oil free compressed air is recommended for abrasive blast operations, although Sanstorm, due to its’ design, will continuously perform with a greater compressed air contamination than any other abrasive blast equipment. The Moisture trap is an effective accessory to use for the removal of moisture and oil from compressed air lines which are excessively contaminated by old and worn air compressors or when extreme humidity prevails. Sanstorm moisture traps are void of filters, cartridges and parts, meaning no maintenance or upkeep expense.

Do I need safety equipment?

Sanstorm offers a safety pack compliant with OSHA standards, including Carbon Monoxide Detectors, which must be replaced periodically.

Where is Sanstorm made?

Sanstorm is built with the highest quality materials, workmanship, and custom care with its’ future owner’s best interest in mind – in Houston, TX. The nameplate indicates full compliance with ASME and National Board Code requirements. Manufactured under US patents 2261565 and 2717476. Sanstorm is proudly Made in the USA!